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If you are wondering who will take you on the Scottish tour you always dreamed about, you’re on the right page!
Time to meet the Brambling Bus team:


From Sardinia to Stirling, through Brussels and Bayonne, she found her true calling travelling up and down the country. Studied to run galleries, but decided to showcase what’s best in Scotland instead.

Her thing: Hikes and walks. She adores Scottish landscapes and will show you the most amazing spots, but her love for culture makes her also the best guide when you’re looking for museums and a bit of art during your holiday.

Dos and don’ts: Do ask her where to find the best scones – she loves them with a passion and is always on a lookout for new sweet spots round the country. Don’t stand between her and her scone. Obviously.


Always knew he wanted to move to Scotland from his native Poland and still can’t believe he’s living his dream. This passion lead him to play rugby for his local club, walk the West Highland Way and work at Stirling Castle, but he still knows there’s more to come.

Your man for: A guided walk around a castle, a football game or a distillery tour. Our wee country has so much to offer – he’ll want you to experience it all.

Dark secret: Will help you explore every corner of Scotland and discover all its beauty, but if he spots a good fish and chips shop, he’ll think of nothing else than scampi. Easier to just join him for the fancy feast.

What brought us together in Brambling Bus is our true love for Scotland, which we want to share with everyone we take on board. This passion, combined with our backgrounds in Cultural Management and Heritage Studies, motivates us to go further, learn more and understand better the amazing place we live in.

Brambling Bus and landscape

The Car

Touring Scotland involves some time spent on the road, this is why we picked our people carrier with your comfort in mind: there’s plenty of space for long legs, full bellies and all the luggage you might need to bring.

Our car’s size allows us to navigate every Highland path and reach even the most secluded spots, while its high seats and large windows will let you enjoy every scenic view along the way. The vehicle is big enough to accommodate your special requests, such as mounting a baby seat or taking a furry companion on board.

And for those who like to stay in touch with the world even during holidays we have our on-board WiFi!

Green Philosophy

It might not be obvious that for a company depending on driving a car being eco-friendly is very important, but it is for us! Ever since we started thinking of Brambling Bus we knew that we want to make it as sustainable as possible.

To make sure all our efforts point in the right green direction we joined Green Tourism – the largest sustainable tourism scheme in Britain – and were recognised with a Bronze Award for the solutions we implemented so far:

First step: the car. We chose a model with modern Euro 6 engine to limit harmful emissions to minimum.
Second step: carbon footprint. To balance the effect our driving has on the environment, we donate a share of our profits to Trees for Life, which helps reforest Scottish Highlands.
Step three: everyday impact. We make an effort to recycle all waste produced during our tours and strive to make our project paperless by only using digital materials.

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