Best of Scotland: our favourite Scottish destinations

Destinations | 12 October 2020

It’s tricky to come up with a definite ranking of must-see places in Scotland. From bustling cities full of culture and heritage to the peaceful natural beauty of the Highlands and Islands, the country is too diverse to create one bucket list that everyone could agree with. So we didn’t - instead we had a chat about our favourite Scottish destinations and why they are special to us. Check out our subjective compilation of the “Best of Scotland”!

Sara’s top Scottish picks

  1. One place springs to mind immediately: Glen Coe. When driving through the valley on a backpacking trip, Sara for the first time thought: “Wow! This country is so beautiful that I could live here!” So much has changed since then, but even though we visit the glen several times every year, the views still move us every time we’re there.

  2. Isle of Mull is another destination that seems to call us more often than others. There’s mountains, lochans and colourful Tobermory, but for Sara – who grew up in Sardinia – the beaches are what make it special. There’s one in particular: just north of Fionnphort on the western edge of the island, with blue water and views of Iona…

  3. One of the joys of Scotland is that even in busier places you can still find less crowded spots full of unique atmosphere. The Stockbridge area of Edinburgh is one of them. It’s not far from the city centre, but it doesn’t feel touristy at all. Walking around the cafes and charity shops you can imagine yourself living in the capital.
Favourite Scottish Destinations - Glen Coe
Favourite Scottish Destinations - Fionnphort
Favourite Scottish Destinations - Stockbridge

Maciek’s favourite Scottish destinations

  1. Not being able to include all the islands on the West Coast, Maciek chose the gateway to many of them – the seaside town of Oban. A great starting point for island-hopping and whale-watching trips, it also prides itself on having several amazing seafood places. From fancy restaurants to harbour shack fish & chips – you can’t go wrong!

  2. Another island destination that left a lasting impression is Neist Point on the Isle of Skye. The lighthouse perched on dramatic cliffs, circling flocks of seabirds and the outline of the Outer Hebrides on a sunny day combine into a classic Scottish postcard view.

  3. The third favourite spot has to be our adopted hometown of Stirling. With three monuments of national importance, the great wee city is packed with history. There’s hidden gems aplenty: walks by the river and in Kings Park, family-run restaurants and pubs full of character. For us it’s also full of friends and memories – after all, this is where we met.
Favourite Scottish Destinations - Oban
Favourite Scottish Destinations - Neist Point
Favourite Scottish Destinations - Stirling

The great thing about travelling is that you can always discover something new and different. Our list of favourite Scottish destinations might change in the future, but hopefully it gave you some inspiration about destinations for your own trip. It’s time to create your own “Best of Scotland” list!