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Explore Scotland the way you want with our unique tours!

At Brambling Bus we provide custom-made tours in English, French, Italian and Polish.

We know there are many reasons and ways to visit Scotland – this is why every tour we plan is different. You might want to enjoy an unrushed week around the Highlands or a weekend packed with experiences in Edinburgh: no matter what brings you to Scotland, we’ll design your perfect holiday (well, we can’t guarantee the weather…).

In Britain, the word brambling means “to look for and pick wild blackberries”, which makes us think of sunny summer days spent with family and friends. It describes our approach well and the vision we have for your holidays – they should be a chance to have fun exploring the outdoors and new places!

Going on a tour with Brambling Bus means having two friendly guides at your disposal: whether you wish to travel with your friends, family or alone, we will plan your tour itinerary, drive you all the way and share our knowledge and passion for Scotland.
Our cosy car can welcome up to 6 people for adventures lasting one, two or more days: it’s all up to you. Rates are set per day, regardless the number of travellers.

Think of it as a comfortable road trip: we do all the planning and driving, you enjoy the rest!

Want to hop on a tour? Any questions?