Private Scotland Tours

Hikers on Conic Hill

What you should know about Brambling Bus tours:

  • The length of the tour is up to you: it can be a day spent exploring a city or a wider area, or a multi-day journey across Scotland.
  • Our car can carry up to 6 people. Groups travelling with kids and pets are welcome - let us know about any special requirements.
  • We can pick you up from anywhere you want: airports, hotels, ports, etc.
  • We help you choose and book your accommodation.
  • You can get in touch through our contact form and Facebook. If you prefer to chat over the phone, write us and we can schedule a Skype or WhatsApp appointment.

From the moment you drop us an e-mail we start designing your guided road trip. Depending on what you want to do and how much time you have, we’ll come up with a personalised itinerary for your tour.
We can take you anywhere you want and help you tick off all the big attractions from your bucket list: from Edinburgh’s Royal Mile, through Loch Lomond up to the Highlands and the Isle of Skye. Our mission though is to share the Scotland we fell in love with and give you a chance to explore its hidden beauty far from the crowds.

We are proud to offer something different by providing tours in four languages: English, French, Italian and Polish. More than that, as we care about your comfort and safety, we run the tours together to provide you with a driver and a guide at all times. 
Leave all the guidebooks and dictionaries at home and enjoy Scotland without the hassle of planning, driving and communicating in a foreign language!