New Year’s resolutions: travel to Scotland in 2021!

Destinations | 4 January 2021

We’ve made it. Our concerns and challenges didn’t disappear overnight, but we can at least say it out loud: the nightmarish year 2020 is behind us. We thought a wee cheerful post is in order to cautiously draw a line under the lost season and point out a few things that make us hopeful about the New Year.

3 things to look forward to

It’s pretty obvious what will be first on our wish list: that it’s again possible for everyone to travel to Scotland in 2021. As we all make way for new calendars and get used to writing a different digit at the end of a day’s date, it’s natural to also look forward to the months ahead and dream of all the things we’ve been denied in 2020. For us it’s the chance to meet new amazing people that for a few days become our travelling companions and share with us the scenic Scottish roads, breath-taking sites and intriguing stories. If being locked down for weeks taught us anything, it’s to take things slower and appreciate more what we have – in our case it includes this most wonderful country, which we can unlock for others. So if we can have one suggestions for your New Year’s resolutions, it would be this:

Add Scotland to your bucket list!

Dare to dream and make plans – give yourself and your loved ones a chance to travel to Scotland in 2021. Start looking for inspiration on how to fill a weekend getaway, a week-long holiday or a longer journey of a lifetime. The Visit Scotland website is a brilliant first stop: with a range of articles, photo galleries and travel tips, Scottish national tourism agency sheds light both on popular spots and hidden gems. They are also very active on social media, which can be a goldmine of ideas – simply try looking for Scotland-related hashtags on Instagram or Pinterest! 

If scrolling through sights is not your thing, you can also dive into Scottish movies and books. All Outlander fans dream of coming to all the locations visited by Claire and Jamie, but there’s plenty of other Scotland-related films that can inspire your itinerary: check out Liam Neeson in Rob Roy, Patrick Dempsey in Made of Honour or Daniel Craig as James Bond in Skyfall. If you don’t mind discovering the darker side of Scotland, you can disappear in some of the excellent Scottish crime fiction: books by Ian Rankin and Val McDermid will both give you shivers and make you want to explore unexpected places. 

Finally, there are all the travel blogs and websites, including our own Brambling Bus page. Feel free to roam through some of our one-day and multi-day tours to get some inspiration and jot down places for your Scottish bucket list. Then it’s just a few travel details, flight arrangements and voilà: you have a Scottish adventure waiting to make this new year special!