Why book a private Scotland tour?

Brambling Bus | 9 November 2020

We sometimes get asked what makes a private Scotland tour different. After all, there are many other ways to enjoy this beautiful country. With modern platforms connecting visitors with Scottish attractions and places to stay, organising your own holiday definitely has become easier than ever, but sometimes the wealth of information and options online can turn the whole process into a confusing chore. We thought it would be good to explain why booking an Unique Scottish Adventure with us is the best idea for your holiday.

Sit back and enjoy!

The most obvious advantages of having a professional designing your holiday come up when you compare a private Scotland tour to a self-driven holiday. For starters, you simply don’t have to worry about anything! No need to look up locations, scout best routes or rifle through multiple websites for opening times. We’ll chat about what kind of trip you’d like to have and use our knowledge to make the most of the time we’ll spend together. And with two guides on board you don’t need to buy guidebooks or make extensive research – you know you’re not missing a thing!

Even if you do enjoy looking up locations and have a clear vision for your itinerary (or you simply liked one of the sample one-day or multi-day tours from our website), hopping aboard the Brambling Bus will save you from driving on your own holiday. We believe all party members should be able to fully enjoy the mind-blowing Scottish views and spend quality time with their family and friends. Forget hunting for deals on rental cars, exploring airports’ outskirts to pick up your ride and the stress of driving on the “wrong” side of the road. We’ll pick you up wherever you are and make all these worries disappear.

Smaller group or bigger party?

“Okay” – we hear you say – “it all sounds good so far, but why should I not go for a cheaper option and book a standard tour with one of the bigger companies? In what way is a private Scotland tour better than a one-click trip with them?” This might be a valid point – some visitors like to pack as much as possible into a single trip and enjoy making new friends in a bigger touring group. But for some of you spending the time on the road only with your family and friends will make the holiday more relaxing – especially in these crazy times when limiting the number of households travelling together can prove crucial for your safety. 

Having the car to yourself (along with two friendly guides/drivers) also means that we can fully focus on your needs. This can be anything: a mobility issue, a furry friend you want to take on your journey or simply spending a bit more time at your favourite Outlander set location. What we enjoy the most is the social aspect of travelling together and we’ll make the tour feel like your own road trip with friends.

Personalised and personal

The final pro of a private Scotland tour is it’s custom-made. All the things we mentioned before can make the time on the bus more enjoyable, but it’s what you experience outside of the bus that matters most. The views you see, the castles and natural spots you explore, the tastes you remember forever – all brought together to make you fall in love with Scotland.

Booking a tour with us will mean that the itinerary is always about you. It can be fully tailored – like the trip centred around the Clan MacLaren heritage we created for Frances and Colin or the 50th birthday bash tour of all the Islay distilleries we threw for Iain and his pals. For nature-loving Daniel and his daughter Lucy we picked spots in Cairngorms and gardens of Blair Castle, while Karen and her three boys dreamed of Skye and we made it happen on a short notice. Even if you are inspired by one of our sample tours, we’ll tweak it to fully fit your interests – after all, it’s your dream holiday!

We’ll make things work around your arrival and departure times – even half a day before your flight can make for great memories, like when Takura and his kids got to re-enact the greatest Scottish victory at the Battle of Bannockburn experience centre. Private tour will always suit your rhythms and go at your own pace: you’re in the driving seat without doing the driving!